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Create and manage App Store and Google Play screenshots. All-in one screenshot generator solution to increase your modile app's downloads and sales!


Appure screenshot generator features

Screenshot generator is packed with cool features to generate localized and properly sized screenshots for Play and App stores with a couple of clicks


20+ iOS and Android devices each with 4 color frames: Gray, Silver, Clay Gray, Clay Black.

Portrait and landscape

Generate portrait and landscape screenshots with all available


30+ pre made layouts for showing your app in one or across two screenshots.


Efortless localization in all 26+ required languages with just one click. All languages supported by App Store and Google Play Store.

Custom Fonts

16+ built in fonts or upload custom fonts and style your annotations.


Unlimited customization options: colors, shadows, custom annotation properties, color, gradient or image backgrounds. Customize layout as much as you need

Per device/language screenshots

Upload screenshots for any combinations of devices and languages.

Ready for iTunes connect / Play Store

Generate all required dimensions in one click. Upload directly to app stores.


Use Appure for free for one app or upgrade for all features for the cheapest price on the market.

One in all tool for your mobile screenshots

With Appure you can manage all aspects of your mobile app screenshots.

  • Templates
  • Localization
  • One click export for all sizes
  • Apple and Android devices
  • Powerfull and easy to use editor

Let Appure take care of localization, proper sizing and devices. Just upload your screenshots, adjust designs and export in one click


Great looking screenshots in under 5 minutes

You only need to upload your screenshots and select layouts. Customize any aspect of the frame, text, etc. Or don't.

  • 30+ premade templates
  • Custom fonts
  • Customize shadows, colors, backgrounds, etc

Folge is a very easy to use and powerful solution for managing your mobile app screenshots


Simple and cheap prices.

Use Appure for free for your app or upgrade to unlock all features. Cancel your subscription at any point. Appure is the most affordable and cheapest solution on the market for generating app and play store screenshots.


Use Appure for one app for free

  • All built-in layouts
  • 1 app: iOS or Android
  • One layout per app
  • One custom font uploaded
  • 3 localizations
  • 1 screenshot per screen
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Unlock all Appure features for your 10 apps

  • All built-in layouts
  • 10 apps: iOS or Android
  • Layout settings per screenshot
  • Unlimited custom fonts
  • All languages
  • Screenshots per device / locale
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